Friday, January 8, 2010

All I see are stilettos.

I am back home, finally, after a most excellent vacation! And I come bearing a shoe post!

I bought both of these shoes before I left town from the shoe clearance rack at Charlotte Russe, which is swiftly becoming my favorite place to shop. They always manage to have one pair of amazing shoes, just in my size, for extremely low prices.

I was thrilled to find these fabulous blue heels, as blue heels were high on my list of Items I Must Have in My Wardrobe for a few months. And these were six dollars. Six dollars. They're tremendously high, but the fact that the front is also on a platform makes them much easier to wear when walking. I wore them with red tights to a play and managed to walk all over Santa Monica Boulevard in them with ease.

Now, these fabulous gold glitter heels came into my life back in October. They have much less platform than the blue heels but make up for it by being covered in gold glitter. They are the absolute definition of the word "fabulous." And these suckers cost eleven dollars. I have yet to wear them out, because one must have a fantastic opportunity to debut such golden shoes, but I'm sure their time will come.

Also, have you ever noticed how difficult it is to take a picture of the side of your own foot? It's pretty difficult and I will be enlisting some assistance in the future. And, if you click on these pictures, they will get humongous and you will be able to count the specs of dust on my floor. I hope you don't do that. My next outfit documentation will be far less pitiful. Stay tuned!


  1. Where are the expensive shoes? I thought those would be the gold glitter ones, but they aren't! I want to see the expensive ones!!

  2. PS, I would also like to photograph for you more. Come to my house soon!