Thursday, June 30, 2011

We all know the hat is wearing me.

Every time I clean, I find this hat box in my closet that has the most fabulous two hats in it! I always put them on and wonder why I never wear them. Then I put them back in the box in the closet and forget about them until the next time I clean. No more! They're too fabulous!

This is the first one. It has these fabulous black feathers dangling from the front.

I remember discovering these when I wanted to go to Las Vegas to see Dita Von Teese perform and thinking that this would be a great hat to wear to that event. I didn't go, but I do need to wear this somewhere.

And this is the second one. It has the same mesh, but this one is bejeweled and is suited better to the daytime.

I don't really know where these came from. They have just always been in my closet. But they're fantastic and deserve to be taken out on the town.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

They stand when I walk through the neighborhoods.

A long time ago, I told someone that my favorite trend for this summer was anything 1970s. But then I never blogged about this trend. Until now.

As per usual, I am starting off with Jeffrey Campbell.

This is the Spectacular Spectrum Wedge. I thought these were cool -- albeit goofy -- the first time I saw them. Then I heard someone describe them as "1970s gay pride parade, summertime disco." And, that's basically the best way anything could hope to be described. $160

I have also been trawling Etsy and eBay for anything like these:

The pink ones belong to Silly, Innocent Girl.

So far, I have been unsuccessful. Keep your eyes peeled for me!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Comin' in hot.

Well, I celebrated my 21st birthday a few days ago. From what I hear, the party was pretty fantastic.

For my daytime look, I went with sequins and a tiara, as one would do. The problem with this tiara is that it's a little subtle. It doesn't scream "it's my birthday!" enough, so you just look a little weird traipsing around town. Oh, well.

For my going out ensemble of the evening, I changed into a lot of animal print. I have been subconsciously all about animal print these days.

I wore an animal print skirt from Target, a black button-up that I found in my closet, black wedges from Forever 21 and a tiny top hat from the Fairfax High Flea Market.

See, the top hat is animal print!

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's your life, it's your party, it's so awful.

Of course, the day I try to post an entry after a month of hiatus, Blogger would be down...

Anyway, we're back on track now. As promised, this is part two of my Rock of Love Chic series. Today, we are discussing bows.

I tried this on in a Sanrio store in Hollywood, and it was really cute and comfortable. Which is hard to find in a headband. But Hello Kitty is asking $30 for it. Which is kind of unreasonable to pay for a headband.

I recently found this sweet online store called the Starry Eyed Bowtique that sells a bunch of hair bows in different sizes, from "tiny" to "huge." Above is "medium." They come in headband, snap clip and alligator clip styles, and they're pretty inexpensive. This one is $16.

As for me, I've already begun my collection.

I picked up these ridiculous accessories at Hot Topic. Where else? I am really digging the small glittery bows, as they also incorporate my love for glitter.

I picked up this headband at Claire's. Where else? It's been fun to revisit the stores I particularly enjoyed in middle school for this project.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'd sell my soul for money to burn with you.

It's a little late to mention this since the season is long over, but I greatly enjoy the E! show "Married to Rock." I actually enjoy all of those shows -- "Rock of Love," "Charm School," etc.

My favorite "Married to Rock" couple is hands-down Josie and Steve Stevens. They are really adorable. Case in point: she surprised him backstage with a Hello Kitty guitar, which he proceeded to thank her for and play onstage, even though his entire band was horrified.

Anyway. I think Josie is exceptionally awesome, and she has totally had an influence on my style. Never before in my life have I considered enjoying Hello Kitty anything. Now I'm finding myself drawn to pink, bows and assorted cutesy clothing items.

I love her big hair, pink accessories, stripper shoes, ruffles, cutesy jewelry and weird decoupage nails. She has an Etsy shop in which she sells goofy bows and decorated jewelry, but I feel like it's too expensive and would be more fun to make these things myself.

I also didn't mean to bring up "Rock of Love," but since I did, I'm going to give a shout-out to Ashley Klarich, who is also awesome and stylish.

In conclusion, "Rock of Love" chic is on my radar this season.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The way your eyes look into me.

What are you doing to me, Jeffrey Campbell? I should just buy stock in this company. I should be able to earn frequent-buyer and/or frequent-admirer points toward free shoes. Right?

Anyway, here are some picks for the next Jeffrey Campbell shoes I will become obsessed with:

These are the Rally Wedges in black suede. Look at how tall and how glittery. Can you imagine? I could totally rock these... $198.

These are the beige floral Swansong wedges. I don't even like sandals, and I really don't like open-toed shoes. But these seem so perfect for spring/summer frolicking. I think I'd just like anything if it's got a high enough platform. $112.

And these are the 99 Tie Glitter wedges in red glitter! This style has been around for a while. I actually posted about the 99 Zip wedges a long time ago. But now they come in silver, pewter, red and multi glitter. And I may own a fair amount of glittery shoes, but I don't own any that are red. $139.95.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Its cold heart is melting.

It's really depressing to be back in Reno just in time for a snow storm after spending spring break in Hollywood. I had a great week, though. I finished the week up by going to see Jay and Silent Bob Get Old in Universal City.

I wore my new dress from Zara. Somebody had run off with the belt that went with this dress, so I took a different one that turned out to be way too big. We had to poke a hole in it with a Swiss Army Knife.

These are my terrible hotel outfit photos. None of the lights worked in our room. I wore the dress with my Jessica Simpson heels and ended up meeting Jason Mewes after the show.

He was my first celebrity crush. I will always love him.