Friday, January 15, 2010

Get up, get-get-get down.

Alright! As I have been promising for weeks, without further ado, here are the crazy shoes I recently purchased (no regrets!):

You may recognize these as the Jeffrey Campbell Alexa wedge booties that I mentioned in my last post. They are tremendously comfortable despite not looking it at all, which really characterizes my favorite type of shoes. I try not to wear outfits out of the house without being willing to experience a crazy emergency situation -- up to and including the zombie apocalypse -- in them because you never know what can happen on a night out on the town.

I hope to get a chance to post again soon, but classes at my university have officially started as of today. Also, it's snowing again! I am displeased with this development. Anyway, I'll update [hopefully] very soon!

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