Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The way your eyes look into me.

What are you doing to me, Jeffrey Campbell? I should just buy stock in this company. I should be able to earn frequent-buyer and/or frequent-admirer points toward free shoes. Right?

Anyway, here are some picks for the next Jeffrey Campbell shoes I will become obsessed with:

These are the Rally Wedges in black suede. Look at how tall and how glittery. Can you imagine? I could totally rock these... $198.

These are the beige floral Swansong wedges. I don't even like sandals, and I really don't like open-toed shoes. But these seem so perfect for spring/summer frolicking. I think I'd just like anything if it's got a high enough platform. $112.

And these are the 99 Tie Glitter wedges in red glitter! This style has been around for a while. I actually posted about the 99 Zip wedges a long time ago. But now they come in silver, pewter, red and multi glitter. And I may own a fair amount of glittery shoes, but I don't own any that are red. $139.95.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Its cold heart is melting.

It's really depressing to be back in Reno just in time for a snow storm after spending spring break in Hollywood. I had a great week, though. I finished the week up by going to see Jay and Silent Bob Get Old in Universal City.

I wore my new dress from Zara. Somebody had run off with the belt that went with this dress, so I took a different one that turned out to be way too big. We had to poke a hole in it with a Swiss Army Knife.

These are my terrible hotel outfit photos. None of the lights worked in our room. I wore the dress with my Jessica Simpson heels and ended up meeting Jason Mewes after the show.

He was my first celebrity crush. I will always love him.

Monday, March 7, 2011

C-Call me crazy; I've been called worse.

Here is an outfit I wore for various adventures on Friday, such as interviewing some candidates at my school for many hours.

It consists of my H&M dress, Charlotte Russe faux leather jacket and Charlotte Russe boots. Man, I wear those boots 24/7 with every outfit.