Thursday, December 24, 2009

News Brief

I fully intended to post something else before I left for winter break adventures, but alas. I am somewhere in Orange County at the moment. We've been running around California, and we're planning some fun in Las Vegas/Area 51/Santa Anita race track for the coming days. I bought some fabulous, extravagant shoes in Hollywood that warrant their own post at a later date.

Back in Nevada, I left behind some terrific snow, freezing fog and black ice. It seems like a different world, man. I'm going to the beach! Anyhow, these are some pictures that were taken by my friend Sam before I headed out of town.

As you can see, I was in the habit of wearing my orange Doc Martens every day, as it was the only way to wade through the snow whenever I left the house. And I finally had to switch up the jackets I was wearing to make use of my red raincoat as I artfully reclined in Sam's bathtub and held a guitar. As one would do.

You can check out Sam's budding photography career on her Flickr.

And I'll keep you updated at the next sign of free Internet access on the road. Keep an eye out for an upcoming 'Shoes That I Shouldn't Have Bought But Did Anyway-- No Regrets!' post.

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