Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'd sell my soul for money to burn with you.

It's a little late to mention this since the season is long over, but I greatly enjoy the E! show "Married to Rock." I actually enjoy all of those shows -- "Rock of Love," "Charm School," etc.

My favorite "Married to Rock" couple is hands-down Josie and Steve Stevens. They are really adorable. Case in point: she surprised him backstage with a Hello Kitty guitar, which he proceeded to thank her for and play onstage, even though his entire band was horrified.

Anyway. I think Josie is exceptionally awesome, and she has totally had an influence on my style. Never before in my life have I considered enjoying Hello Kitty anything. Now I'm finding myself drawn to pink, bows and assorted cutesy clothing items.

I love her big hair, pink accessories, stripper shoes, ruffles, cutesy jewelry and weird decoupage nails. She has an Etsy shop in which she sells goofy bows and decorated jewelry, but I feel like it's too expensive and would be more fun to make these things myself.

I also didn't mean to bring up "Rock of Love," but since I did, I'm going to give a shout-out to Ashley Klarich, who is also awesome and stylish.

In conclusion, "Rock of Love" chic is on my radar this season.

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