Sunday, May 16, 2010

Out of place.

Back in January, I was really into those Acne wedges and all shoes that vaguely resembled them, if you can recall. Now, I have developed a new shoe interest that keeps me up at night.

It all started with the Balenciaga harness boots:

In my humble opinion, I don't actually think that these are too terribly attractive. Which is convenient for me because there is no way in hell that I could afford to buy them. But there's something about this concept that intrigues me.

Next, we encounter the Sam Edelman knock-offs, Zoe. These are sold for around $300+ (although I did find some on eBay that I bid about $25 on because I'm a ridiculous optimist, but I lost that auction, naturally). What I dislike about these is how low the segment between the heel and the rest of the shoe is, for some reason.

These are Lucyd Acyd's Witchery Buckle Boots. They cost a little over $70 and certainly are appropriately platformed, but I am just not thoroughly sold on the weird faux pony hair.

Finally, these are the ones that I really want! They were being sold by this online shop-community called Vestiges for around $50. However, by the time I decided that I couldn't live without them, they were sold out of the really high ones, so... what's the point? And, usually, when I could find these shoes for sale, the largest size they carried was an 8, so it is unfortunate to be me.

Well, nonetheless, these are the shoes that I currently am on the lookout for, so I'm hoping that the perfect ones come along one of these days.

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