Saturday, December 12, 2009

We're plastic, but we still have fun.

So, I'm glad that I previously mentioned that I'm into cartoons because this post is going to be about some cartoon characters that I find exceptionally stylish. I've been working on compiling a list of the most fashionable cartoons, but it quickly became overwhelming, so I wouldn't be surprised if I posted a "Cartoon Characters, Part Two" entry one day. Anyhow, let's begin! [Click on the pictures to enlarge.]

First up, we have Daphne from Scooby Doo. What I really like about Daphne's wardrobe is the excellent color palette she's working with. Everything centers around predominantly purple pieces and the dark purple is highlighted by light purple and pink. And then the purple color scheme is complimented by her drapey green scarf and bright orange hair. It's just altogether very stylish. I really love the look of contrasting colors, like the dark purple/bright green or dark purple/bright orange, and bright green/orange are some of my favorite obnoxious colors to work with. Daphne is just a fabulous example of contrasting colors at work. And I really love her colored tights. All this, and she solves mysteries too. You are rocking it, Daphne.

Next, here is Judy from Doug. She is another fabulous cartoon character who is making use of the orange hair/purple dress combination, proving that it really is a winner. Judy is always very cool, accessorizing with a beret and sunglasses. I like that her outfit is tied together with black leggings and a black longsleeved shirt, because this is a technique I also use to bring things together. Black goes with everything. If I have two colorful pieces I want to throw together but I also have to wear some other clothes so as to not be naked, I wear black and it somehow all comes together. Judy was way ahead of me.

Alright, so, Futurama is one of my favorite cartoons of all time, so I love Leela quite a bit. While she changes her outfit on occasion (and volumizes her hair a great deal-- jealous), she is generally wearing a white tank top, black pants and boots, which she rocks. She doesn't ever look like she's lacking any color because she has purple hair, which I wanted to use to point out the technique of using one colorful piece to stand out in an otherwise black-and-white outfit. Leela is also here to transition from the all-purple cartoon characters to the ones that all wear large boots. You'll see.

So, of the characters on Recess, [Ashley] Spinelli and the Ashleys are the most stylish. Spinelli is such a badass. She totally knows how to expertly give a feminine dress-and-colored tights combination a tough look with a short leather jacket and clunky black boots. This look is awesome. And, the Ashleys! I love that each Ashley has a specific color that their outfit is coordinated around. I particularly like Ashley A's sort of business-casual look with the pink blouse underneath a suit jacket. And they're all wearing kneesocks. It's thoroughly fabulous.

Danny Phantom is a cartoon that really has a good overall look/color scheme. All of the ghosts have the weird turquoise/silver glow going on, and they all have really neat green eyes. And when they're not ghosts, there's still a lot of black/purple with boots going on. Danny's friend Sam [on the left] demonstrates some more fabulous colored tights with large black boots. And the ghostly villain Ember [top right] shows off some excellent makeup-- with purple lipstick! This entire show is really visually pleasing. And action-packed. Check it out.

Alright, so, this is the character Daria as she was on Beavis and Butthead, an absolutely marvelous work of cartoon genius by Mike Judge. Daria was a smart, sarcastic girl in the boys' class at school who was not a terribly big fan of theirs. Throughout this course of action, she wore lots of black shirts and leggings under colored skirts and cardigans. She also employs the large boots, round glasses and leather jackets. This paved the way for...

The actual cartoon of Daria. Here, she's a lot more developed into her own person, rather than just serving to balance out Beavis and Butthead being ridiculously stupid. She's still got her big black boots and round glasses, though. And her friend Jane is also very fashionable on this show. Instead of reusing the colored tights with boots and a skirt, Jane wears black tights and shorts, and tops her outfit off with dark lipstick and an oversized, colorful coat. Awesome!

These have been some of my favorite cartoons to serve as fashion inspiration, and they each illustrate some of my favorite looks and techniques for creating interesting outfits. You can see I'm a big fan of cartoons, and rightfully so. Everything you need to know, you can learn from cartoons, and then some.

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