Friday, March 12, 2010

Lost inside adorable illusion.

It's officially spring break! I just recovered from some weird losing-my-voice-for-three-days thing, and, even though it snowed a little a couple of days ago, it looks like we'll have some good weather in our future. Ready to par-tay.

In preparation for good weather par-taying, I have chronicled my favorite pairs of sunglasses.

See, I think it's important to have an array of colorful sunglasses because they really add a splash of color to your sweet Poison t-shirt.

The pink ones are from Charlotte Russe, the black ones are thrifted by my mother, the yellow ones are from the Fairfax High Flea Market and I do not recall where the red ones are from.

I recently ordered these heart-shaped glasses for six dollars from eBay:

Looking forward to their arrival! I will update once they're here (which should be soon, I hope).
Until then.

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